World Olive Day

Honoring the World Olive Day By Honoring the Unseen

Due to World Olive Day, we extend this dedication to those who, unbeknownst to us, have remained veiled in obscurity for far too long. A world where knowledge has eluded them, and the olive’s embrace has been distant.

Olive oil isn’t a mere product; it’s a realm of enchantment, steeped in ancient traditions, woven into our local history and our nation’s story. It has shaped the palates of countless souls across millennia, a cultural cornerstone that threads through our wellness and vitality, a subject of ceaseless scientific exploration.

Yet, envision a world more inclusive, more just, embracing us all.

For those who haven’t graced our olive mill, we invite you to connect with us here. This time, our audience broadens, a prospect that fills us with joy and pride.

The unveiling of our inaugural olive oil presentation in sign language marks a monumental step.

History, often scripted by the simplest gestures, emboldens us to declare: our journey has only just commenced…

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