World Olive Day

World Olive Day


We choose to dedicate it to all those who unbeknownst to us but have been systematically forget for years. Excluding them from knowledge and therefore contact with olive world.

Because the olive oil is not just a simple product but a magical world with a rich in old tradition , linked to the history of our place of our country.

With the eating habits of millions of people for thousands of years. An integral element of our culture, interwired with our health and well being, the subject of systematically scientific research.

But a more beautiful and fairer world that must accommodate all of us.

Those of you did not have the honour to welcome in our olive mill, we invite you to get to know from here. Only this time our audience is expanding and we are very happy and proud about that.

Our first olive oil presentation in sign language is a fact

And because history is written with a small and simple action we promise that our actions

is only the beginning…

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