World Best Olive Oil 2020 – Silver Award

World best olive oil 2020 - Silver Award

World best olive oil 2020 – Silver Award

The Governor among the World Best Olive Oil in the world, awarded with SILVER AWARD at New York International Olive Oil Competition 2020 Olive Oil Times.

Our 4th prize for this year is SILVER and we are very proud for another distinction in one of the most popular and demanding olive oil competitions in recent years, with the participation of 900 olive oils from 26 countries.Passion Dedication Recognition

The Dafnis family has revived the olive oil production on Corfu. The family olive grove is located in Agios Mathaios, where three generations have been cultivating the aged Lianolia variety olive trees in the family grove. Producing a high quality, award winning olive oil, the Governor has quickly gained world recognition as one of the premium olive oil brands in the world

Tasting notes of The Governor Olive oil based on experts are spicy, artichoke, olive leaf, green grass…
link for the award winning website:
Right now seems like a good time to invest in your immune system.
A shot a day of The Governor contains a high dose of two anti-viral phenolic compounds:
1. Hydroxytyrosol 
This small molecule was shown to inactivate influenza A viruses including H1N1, H3N2, H5N1, and H9N2 subtypes.
(PMID: 19501255)
2. Oleuropein 
A phenol that exists only in olives and olive leaves, has potent antiviral activities against respiratory syncytial virus and para-influenza type 3 virus in addition to herpes mononucleosis, hepatitis virus, rotavirus, bovine rhinovirus, canine parvovirus, and feline leukemia virus.
(PMID: 21179340)
Neither of these compounds were tested against the corona virus yet but can they have antiviral activity against it? based on some similarities with above organisms, it is very likely.
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