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Exclusive Interview with Spyros Dafnis: The Soul behind The Governor Olive Oil

In the world of olive oil, the distinction between a basic product and a premium one lies in the contrast between a competent olive oil and one with genuine character.

While a decent olive oil is accessible, available in bottles, and offered by many, or even a knowledgeable sommelier, an olive oil with character demands a deeper connection to its producer’s essence.

Take, for example, wine and olive oil – two timeless products, each steeped in millennia of history. Astonishingly, a mere 10% of the wines available in the market come from specific wineries, each boasting a strong identity that establishes a personal connection with the consumer.

Contrastingly, the olive oil sector presents a different scenario, with a staggering 90% of olive oils lacking a direct association with their producers.

At “Olive Fabrica,” the home of The Governor’s creators, we firmly believe that the identity of olive oil should provide consumers with the knowledge of where, when, how, and most importantly, who is responsible for crafting this liquid gold.

Hence, our core principle can be summed up in these words:

“We craft what we offer… and we offer only what we craft.”

For the Dafnis Family, production signifies a profound responsibility. This is why our philosophy harmoniously intertwines three crucial elements:

  • TRADITION: Upholding the rich heritage of olive oil craftsmanship.
  • TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATION: Fusing modern techniques with age-old wisdom.
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Continuously pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Our distinguished offering includes the pioneering single-variety olive oil derived from the ancient “lianolia” of Corfu. This exceptional olive oil brand has clinched numerous awards in the premium category and holds the honor of being the world’s first health-certified olive oil. With a resolute character and a distinctive identity, it resides in a novel category of EVOOs designed for well-being – what we now recognize as “high phenolic olive oil.”

Indeed, at The Governor, we are not just crafting olive oil; we are weaving a tale of tradition, innovation, and utmost care for those who treasure the essence of authenticity in every drop.

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