Well and Good Magazine Article

Well and Good Magazine Article

Article from Well + Good Magazine

An interview from producer owner of The Governor Olive Oil Mr. Spyros Dafnis

Difference between a simple olive oil from a Premium one is the difference between a good olive oil and an olive oil with character!

Good olive oil can be bought … bottled and sold by almost everybody or at least a good sommelier.

An Olive oil with character should be produced and carry its producer’s soul.

Example. Wine and Olive Oil are two classic products as both of them counts thousands of years of history.

Although 90% of the wines you find in the market are produced by specific wineries!

They have a strong identity and you know who is producing your wine.

In olive oil sector its completely the opposite. 90% of the olive oils you find in the market does not belong to its own producers.

For us in “Olive Fabrica” producers of The Governor identity in olive oil means that the consumer all time needs to know where, when and how… and above all who its producing its olive juice!

Therefore our greatest value is:

“We produce what we offer… and we offer only what we produce”.

For the Dafnis Family production means responsibility !

Therefore our philosophy is to combine 3 main things!


The first single variety olive oil from the ancient “lianolia” of Corfu, one of the most awarded olive oil brands in the premium category and the first health claim olive oil in the world. An olive oil with strong character and identity which entered a new category of evoo’s for health. A what today we call “high phenolic olive oil”.


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