Thank you so much Eddy

Thank you so much Eddy
Such a great honour….
I was so happy to visit my big friends – the Dafnis family.
The producers of The Governor Olive Oil premium olive oil (with the highest polyphenols) are the real revolutionaries of Corfu!
Change the image of a local product, prove that it is worthy of the best world awards and set an example for other producers – this deserves great respect!
Dafnis brothers Spyros and George looking for a future..
they already export oil to 25 countries around the world, continue to improve the production process, develop an educational program, open the largest hall for tastings and seminars!!! Bravo! And they also have fantastic ideas for gastronomy (this is still a secret, but I hope to become a part of it).
I’m very proud to call these “adventurers” my friends !!! love you guys!

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