Thank you Eddy

An immense privilege indeed…

My heart was filled with joy during my visit to the esteemed Dafnis family, true giants in the realm of olive oil production. The architects behind The Governor Olive Oil, renowned for its premium quality and unmatched polyphenol content, the Dafnis family represents the vanguard of innovation in Corfu!

They’ve reshaped the perception of a local product, demonstrating its indisputable excellence through a string of international accolades. Their trailblazing efforts stand as an inspiration for fellow producers, a beacon of accomplishment deserving of the highest admiration.

The visionary Dafnis brothers, Spyros and George, are tirelessly forging a path to the future. With exports spanning 25 countries, they remain steadfast in their commitment to refining production techniques, spearheading educational initiatives, and unveiling a grand arena dedicated to tastings and seminars – a true testament to their dedication.

Bravo! And that’s not all; their tantalizing gastronomic ventures promise yet another exciting chapter (though the details remain a closely guarded secret, my optimism knows no bounds).

Much like the olives they cultivate, the Dafnis family’s journey is one of resilience, transformation, and ever-evolving potential. It’s an honor to bear witness to their extraordinary odyssey.

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