Scientific Olive Oil Conference at The Governor’s Olive Mill

Scientific Olive Oil Conference at The Governor’s Olive Mill

Cultivating Knowledge and Innovation

The inaugural Olive Oil Conference held at our premises culminated yesterday with resounding success and enthusiasm.

Esteemed guests included dignitaries such as Corfu’s Mayor, Kostas Nikolouzos, Mr. Giannis Fontanas, Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands’ primary sector, representatives from the Corfu Chamber of Commerce – Spyridon Spais and Elena Karoubi, and luminaries from Ionian University, including Mr. Avlonitis, Mr. Vlachos, and Mrs. Karydi. The event saw participation from representatives spanning the domains of tourism, gastronomy, and, most notably, the primary sector. From producers across the island to avid consumers who treasure the richness of Corfiot olive oil, the symposium fostered a diverse and dynamic exchange of knowledge.

Scientific Olive Oil Conference at The Governor's Olive Mill

Distinguished attendees were privy to a debut presentation of the ARISTOIL program in Corfu. The symposium also featured a high-level seminar delving into the pharmacological facets of olive oil, its optimal production techniques, and its multifaceted applications. A highlight of the event was Ionian University’s unveiling of the innovative “Olive Fly – Observer.”

We felt immense honor in hosting luminaries such as Professors-researchers Prokopios Magiatis and Eleni Melliou, along with Dr. Krimnianiotis, the project coordinator. Notably, the event received its inaugural address in Corfu from Prof. Dan Flynn, Director of the UC DAVIS OLIVE CENTER at the Institute of Olive Oil in California, USA.

Our mills stand as the vibrant heart of olive oil, a space of labor, inspiration, and creation. Within these walls, we’ve instigated transformative changes, and it is here that our perspective on this natural treasure is set to evolve further through a series of forthcoming conferences and seminars, scheduled at regular intervals. The symposium held yesterday wasn’t an endpoint; it marked the inception of another remarkable chapter.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude, recognizing that this event’s success is a result of collective effort. We look forward to reconvening for our next endeavor and renewing our shared commitment to the world of olive oil.

With sincere appreciation, The Governor’s Olive Mill Family

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