Lianonila, A Native Of Corfu

International studies show that the olive variety is the essential factor determining the quality of the olive fruit and its oil. The Lianolia olive is native to Corfu and the Ionian Sea region. It is a demanding variety which, under the right conditions and care, produces an exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil, unusually high in beneficial polyphenols.

Corfu, known as the Emerald Island, boasts a rich heritage of olive cultivation. With an estimated 4 million olive trees on the island, both wild and cultivated, Corfu’s olive trees hold a special place in the region. Many of these trees have deep historical roots, having been planted centuries ago. In fact, Corfu is home to some of the world’s oldest olive groves, showcasing the enduring beauty and resilience of this remarkable tree.

Throughout its history, Corfu has witnessed various occupations and influences, each leaving its mark on the olive oil production. During the Venetian Occupation in the 16th century, Corfu became a significant producer of olive oil, supplying the Vatican with its liquid gold. This historical connection between Corfu’s olive production and the Vatican stands as a testament to the exceptional quality of the island’s olive oil.

One striking characteristic of Corfu’s olive trees is their impressive height. Towering up to 25 meters, these majestic trees not only provide a bountiful harvest of olives and oil but also offer soothing shade to those seeking respite from the Mediterranean sun. The ancient olive groves of Corfu have captivated the hearts and minds of artists throughout the ages, inspiring countless works of art that celebrate the beauty and tranquility of these age-old trees.

For those eager to delve deeper into the fascinating world of olive production, the olive museum at Kynopiastes beckons. This unique museum showcases a plethora of captivating exhibits, shedding light on the traditional methods and techniques employed in olive cultivation and oil production. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of Corfu’s olive heritage, gaining a profound appreciation for the labor and craftsmanship involved in producing this liquid treasure.

In conclusion, Corfu’s olive trees, particularly the revered Lianolia variety, stand as a testament to the island’s rich olive heritage. The centuries-old trees, nourished by the favorable climate and painstaking care, yield exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil, renowned for its high polyphenol content. As custodians of this storied tradition, Corfu Olive Tours takes pride in sharing the beauty, history, and flavors of Corfu’s olive oil with visitors from around the world, inviting them to embark on a sensory journey through the island’s olive groves and discover the true essence of Corfu’s liquid gold.

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