Olive Tours Season 2018 Just Started

After an incredibly successful inaugural year of our Olive Tours, a year that brought us new friendships, kindred spirits, and a treasure trove of cherished moments, we eagerly look forward to embarking on a fresh chapter in this new tourist season.

Olive Tours Season 2018 – Just Started

As the Dafnis family, proud producers of “The Governor Olive Oil,” we extend a warm welcome to you, inviting you to partake in an extraordinary olive oil experience – an experience that transcends time, immersing you in the heritage of our land and the legacy of Dafnis olives.

Under the expert guidance of our Olive Expert, you’ll embark on a journey that delves into the truths and myths surrounding olive oil, gaining a comprehensive education on this liquid gold. You’ll have the privilege of tasting one of the world’s highest phenolic olive oils – an elixir of vitality.

A personal guided stroll through the ancient olive groves nestled within the embrace of the Medieval Castle of Gardiki awaits you, offering a glimpse into the untouched beauty of our olive haven. Here, you’ll encounter the resident olive expert, who will regale you with tales of the world’s oldest olive variety, imparting an authentic islander’s experience.

As you step into the heart of our mill, the “taste like a pro” program awaits, granting you a firsthand look at the olive oil production process. Your journey of discovery culminates in the delightful company of Greek olive delicacies, savored amidst the ambiance of our olive mill visit.

Within this private tour, you’ll be schooled in the art of tasting and identifying superior olive oil, much like the connoisseurs do, through our engaging workshop. This unique lesson is a treasure you can share with your loved ones, offering insights into discerning top-tier extra virgin olive oil from its lesser counterparts.

Amidst this enlightening program, you’ll relish delectable pairings of olive oil with bread, tomatoes, feta cheese, and artisanal crackers, all accompanied by a glass of local wine. It’s an experience that transcends the palate, revealing the therapeutic and health-enhancing qualities of olive oil.

Beyond the taste, our tours offer the chance to dive deep into the heart of Corfu’s countryside, unearthing the island’s most authentic treasures. This is your opportunity to embrace the essence of our land, to become an integral part of our olive heritage. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers.

Embrace this journey of discovery, for it’s more than a tour – it’s an odyssey into the soul of Corfu, waiting to be explored by you.

Join us, won’t you?

Warmly, The Governor’s Olive Mill Family

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