New Clinical Study

New Clinical Study

Professor Prokopios Magiatis & Professor Eleni Melliou

New Clinical Research Published at frontiers scientific magazine in Oncology with the title

Effects of dietary intervention with high content of oleocnathal and oleacein olive oil patients with early stage Chronic Lymephocytic Leukaemia (CLL) A pilot randomised trial

Moveover World olive centre for health , pioneer all these years in highlighting the health and protective value of olive oil.

Also founder of the concept of high phenolic and linking production with research of international level

The extra virgin olive oil selected and administered to the patients is the “The Governor – premium extra virgin olive oil”.

From Lianolia variety of Corfu from Dafnis family and from olive Fabrica company.

The experimental search was conducted with 22 patients who were diagnosed with early stage Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) and who were under medical supervision and not receiving any treatment.

One of the main objectives was to investigate the hypothesis that the anti-cancer biological effect of olive oil is related to its content of specific phenolic compounds and in particular oleocanthal and oleacein.

It is the first time that the scientific community has been able to demonstrate that oral administration of a daily dose of 25 mg of oleocanthal and oleacein through the consumption of 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil for a period of six months could be beneficial for CLL patients, reducing their white blood cell count, inducing the apoptosis of their cancer cells and improving their metabolism.

Research was funded by the non-profit organisation World Olive Oil Center for Health with income derived entirely from membership fees, olive oil analysis and private donations.

Upon completion of the experiment we can only feel joy and satisfaction for the encouraging results that demonstrate the need for an even larger and multicentre clinical trial and prove once again the high nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil but above all the catalytic effect on the human body of the use of Highly Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making it a “superfood”.


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