2 New Awards for The Governor

World Olive Oil Association Awards

World best olive oil 2020 - Silver Award

The World Olive Oil Association has bestowed the prestigious honor of being named among the world’s finest olive oils upon The Governor.

Distinguished with silver medals at international competitions in New York and Japan, Olive Fabrica’s awards collection now boasts two more illustrious prizes. Since its inaugural recognition in 2014, spanning a span of nine years, Dafnis Family has empowered the people of Corfu, granting them the opportunity to reconnect with their olive trees and engage in conscientious production practices.

This tireless effort in cultivating an enriched oleoculture, addressing the island’s unique demands, extends from nurturing young minds to impassioned explorers. Bridging gaps and fostering an environment, it lays the groundwork for a robust, wholesome olive oil future – a testament to both tradition and progress.

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