Innovating Milling

Our Olive mill is a testament to our commitment to producing olive oil of exceptional quality. Despite being a micro-producer with a small seasonal production volume, the Dafnis family has spared no expense in investing in a modern 2-phase olive press. This investment provides us with complete control over the entire olive oil production process, enabling us to confidently guarantee the exceptional quality of our oil.

Innovative procedures and attention to detail have guided us in refining our olive oil production. Through extensive trials, the Dafnis family has arrived at the optimum procedure for crafting our award-winning olive oil. We employ a same-day cold pressing method that ensures the gentlest treatment of the olives and upholds the integrity of their flavors. This process requires patience and adherence to our meticulously developed recipe.

Our olive press is a modern hygienic 2-phase centrifuge that aligns with traditional principles and the painstaking methods employed in stone-pressing. Our aim is to generate as little heat as possible during the pressing process, allowing the oil to naturally “settle” and separate for a duration of 1-4 hours. We take great care to treat our olives gently, never forcing the oil out before it is ready. While most producers aim to extract as much as 40% oil from their olives, our focus is on coaxing out the best qualities, resulting in a yield of just 12-17%. Every drop of our olive oil is produced with utmost care and attention.

One of the critical factors in producing superb extra virgin olive oil is maintaining low temperatures throughout the pressing process. While approved guidelines dictate that the maximum temperature of the olives during pressing should not exceed 27°C, this limit is often exceeded during extraction procedures. At Dafnis Olive Mill, we go above and beyond by continuously monitoring the temperature, ensuring that the average temperature remains low. Heat is known to degrade the antioxidants present in olive oil, which contribute to its numerous health benefits. We strive for an average temperature range of 17-21°C, with a preference for cooler temperatures. This meticulous temperature control makes a significant difference in the quality of the oil, enhancing its aroma, taste, and polyphenol content. Our commitment to maintaining low temperatures throughout the pressing process ensures a truly first cold pressing.

In summary, our olive mill reflects our unwavering dedication to producing olive oil of the highest quality. Through investments in modern equipment and adherence to traditional principles, we meticulously press our olives using a same-day cold pressing method. Our continuous temperature monitoring and commitment to low temperatures preserve the integrity of the oil, resulting in a superb extra virgin olive oil with exceptional aroma, taste, and polyphenol content. Every drop of our olive oil is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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