History of Our Olive Mill

History of Our Olive Mill

Our olive oil history 

Years ago grandpa Spyros and grandma Sofia with hard saving and efforts brought for the first a centrifuge olive mill.

Their dream came true.

This place taught us great values such as hard work, patient and passion. Passion for creation and of course love for the olive oil.

For us the olive mill is the second home as we spend the most of day inside.

We wish to make them both proud that in the same place at 2010 we chose to change the course of history of corfu giving “birth” to The Governor.

We want to thank those who trusted us and those who continue to trust us with their hard work, their precious fruit for 32 years now. Those who visited us and continue to visit us wanting to know about this nutritional treasure.

We continue to produce on the exact same road we set … with top and destination quality!

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