History of Our Olive Mill

Our History in Olive Oil Craftsmanship

The History of Our Olive Mill

Decades ago, our beloved grandparents, Spyros and Sofia, embarked on an inspiring journey marked by thrift and determination. Their dedication paved the way for the acquisition of a pioneering centrifuge olive mill—an aspiration fulfilled.

From their pioneering spirit, we imbibed invaluable principles of industriousness, patience, and fervor. A fervor not only for the art of creation but also for the essence of olive oil itself.

To us, the olive mill has grown to be more than a workplace, it’s our second abode, where countless hours are dedicated. It’s here that we learned, and continue to learn, the sanctity of hard work.

In 2010, within these very walls, we embarked on a mission to reshape Corfu’s narrative, giving birth to “The Governor” and make history. It is with immense pride that we honor our roots, aspiring to honor our grandparents legacy through our own journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have reposed their trust in us over the past 32 years. To those who have shared their toil and entrusted us with their cherished harvest, we are forever indebted. Likewise, to those who have graced our doorstep, seeking to unravel the mysteries of this nutritional gem, we offer our warmest welcome.

Our commitment persists, unwavering on the path we’ve embarked upon—a path that demands excellence and unfaltering dedication. Our pursuit of supreme quality remains steadfast, a beacon guiding us as we traverse the same road we’ve set upon.

In the spirit of our lineage and history, we continue crafting, innovating, and cultivating with an eye fixed on the pinnacle of quality.

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