First Clinical Study with High Phenolic Olive Oil in Leukemia Patients

Unveiling Pioneering Strides: The Inaugural Clinical Study with High Phenolic Olive Oil in Leukemia Patients

Professor Andreas Paola Rohas Hill, from the esteemed University of the Peloponnese, shared an awe-inspiring revelation during the Olympia Awards 2018 awards ceremony, held under the distinguished patronage of the World Olive Center for Health. The significance of his announcement reverberates far beyond the ceremonial halls, marking a groundbreaking leap forward in the realm of medical research.

The words he uttered ushered in a paradigm shift, as for the first time, robust indications have emerged regarding the potential therapeutic properties of high oleocanthal olive oil in patients battling leukemia. This revelation serves as a monumental milestone, signifying an avant-garde breakthrough for the Greek scientific community.

The gravitas of this accomplishment finds a profound reflection within us as well. Our journey aligns with this momentous discovery, as it marks the third investigation in which we have been actively engaged over the past years. However, it is the first clinical trial involving Leukemia patients, a pursuit that underscores our commitment to not only produce olive oil but to facilitate and contribute to scientific research that carries profound implications for human well-being.

We embrace this responsibility with steadfast dedication and an unwavering sense of purpose. It is through the intersection of responsibility and consistency that we navigate this uncharted terrain, driven by the potential to impact lives and shape the trajectory of scientific understanding.

For those curious to delve further into this revelation, we invite you to watch Professor Andreas Paola Rohas Hill’s enlightening speech on YouTube: Watch the speech here

This moment marks not just a progression, but a profound step towards enhancing our understanding of the potential of olive oil. With a resolute spirit, we embark on this journey, one that resonates with significance, purpose, and the power to transform.

With anticipation for the future and an unwavering dedication, The Governor’s Olive Mill Family

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