Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

happy halloween

Amazing Halloween post from our partners in U.K – Mark & Maria Blackburn

My spicy chipotle pumpkin and butternut squash soup is absolutely delicious. I added this tangy kefir and Extra virgin olive oil drizzle for some friendly guy bacteria and antioxidant and topped with the roasted pumpkin seeds.
Picking out the pumpkin seeds may be a messy job but when roasted make a really nutritious tasty snack or topping for salads or soups. They are a great source of minerals, omega 3’s and fibre.
Just give them a rinse then pop them in a pan and boil for 5mins. Drain, dry then drizzle in olive oil, season and add any spices you prefer (I have had some smoky paprika) and toast for about 15mins.

1 large pumpkin
1 butternut squash
1 leak
1 stick of celery
1 apple
1 red onion
3 cloves of garlic
2-4tbsps Chipotle paste
Vedgetable stock
4tbsps Kefir
1 tbsp The Governor Extra virgin olive oil

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