The Governor Olive Oil on Le Monde Newspaper

The Governor Olive Oil on Le Monde Newspaper

We are so excited to annouce that The Governor has been mentioned on an article for Corfu of one of the greatest newspapers in France “Le Monde”. On which we receive a copy via post a couple of days before with a thankful letter.

We would like to thank you from the deep of our heart the journalist Thomas Doustally, who gave us the chance to be included on the “7 sites of Corfu Island”.

Its says…

“Spyros Dafnis and his brother – who are not yet 30 – have revolutionized the production of the pro
family property located in Agios Mattheos. Their nectar,
The Governor, is now recognized as one of the best olive oils in the world. Its unique concentration of polyphenols, especially oléocanthal which gives it its peppery note, adds to its taste qualities anti-inflammatory virtues that have entered the category “Medical food” in the eyes of many scientific publications.”

LInk of the article:

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