Director of World Olive Center visit Governor’s Olive Mill

A momentous occasion graced The Governor’s journey as Professors Prokopis Magiatis and Eleni Melliou, accompanied by Dr. Dan Flynn, the distinguished Executive Director of UC Davis Olive Center from California, set foot on the enchanting island of Corfu. This visit, a true testament to our endeavors, has ignited ripples of pride and honor.

Director of World Olive Center visit Governor’s Olive Mill

Their esteemed presence, akin to a beacon of recognition, illuminates not only our path but also the essence of Corfiot olive oil. These pioneering scientists and relentless researchers embody a spirit of exploration and innovation that resonates deeply with our own mission.

As we welcomed them into the heart of our facilities, their visit stands as a hallmark of distinction and a celebration of shared commitment to excellence. Undoubtedly, the convergence of these brilliant minds on our island signifies a remarkable acknowledgment of our collective pursuit in shaping a future of excellence in the world of olive oil.

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