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On 1st of June, the participants of our morning tour, had the big chance to do an extra activity.
Presenting The Governor Cocktoils, a fusion of cocktail and oil, an innovative route to relish nature's prized creation.
In the context of the conference on high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, held in the Vatican city...
We are thrilled to announce that our product "The Governor" is officially labeled as one of best selection...
Claiming the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of "The Best Luxury Olive Oils in the World."
The Governor among the Best Olive Oils in the world, awarded with SILVER AWARD...
The Governor's Olive Mill at the Fashion & Travel Blog ... Des Belles Choses!
The inaugural Olive Oil Conference held at our premises culminated yesterday with resounding success..
In the splendid setting of "Theatron" in Athens, the 11th Tourism Awards ceremony unfolded...
Welcoming students from high schools in Greece, Germany, Portugal, and Croatia through the esteemed Erasmus program.
Dr. Dan Flynn, the distinguished Executive Director of UC Davis Olive Center from California
Gastronomos Awards 2016. Δέκα Χρόνια Γαστρονόμος Εννιά Βραβεία Ποιότητας

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