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Welcome to Gardiki Castle, an enchanting Byzantine stronghold nestled in the heart of Corfu.
Nestled in the heart of Corfu Town, The Olive House Corfu, an exclusive Olive Oil Tasting Bar by The Governor...
Unlock a Symphony of Flavors, the Heart of Corfu's Olive Heritage
On 1st of June, the participants of our morning tour, had the big chance to do an extra activity.
Nestled in the heart of Corfu Town, The Olive House, a new shop by The Governor.
Olive oil, often referred to as "liquid gold," holds a sacred place in Greek cuisine and culture.
In the idyllic island of Corfu, lies a hidden gem within the olive groves—the rare and extraordinary Lianolia olive.
Corfu, the enchanting Greek island nestled in the Ionian Sea, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes.
We extend a welcome invitation to experience and savor our olive oils at their very place of origin.
The World Olive Oil Association has bestowed the prestigious honor of being named among the world's finest olive oils
Presenting The Governor Cocktoils, a fusion of cocktail and oil, an innovative route to relish nature's prized creation.
We extend this dedication to those who, unbeknownst to us, have remained veiled in obscurity for far too long.
Unveiled by the birth of The Governor, Lianolia emerges as an enigmatic treasure.
In the context of the conference on high phenolic extra virgin olive oil, held in the Vatican city...
We are thrilled to announce that our product "The Governor" is officially labeled as one of best selection...
New clinical study was conducted with patients who were diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia...
Discover more by watching the video on our YouTube Channel: "A Humble Wish" (Governor Olive Oil).
As the End of tourist season 2021 draws to a close, a new chapter begins – the start of our production journey.
The visionary Dafnis brothers, Spyros and George, are tirelessly forging a path to the future.
We are thrilled to grace the pages of the esteemed National Geographic Traveller and Food magazine.
Crafting "The Governor" is not solely an honor, but a profound responsibility for expressing the best tasting experience.
A point of sale in Belgium for The Governor, a spectacular store called " Par Amour Du Bon Pain".
Remarkably, amidst the scrutiny of 13,342 olive oils hailing from 42 nations and evaluated across 1605 companies..
In 2010, within these very walls, we embarked on a mission to reshape Corfu's narrative...
This lagoon, the largest on the island of Corfu, stands as an invaluable haven of untouched natural beauty...
Our roots are deeply in the ground of history of this land. We represent the taste and values of a tradition!
Claiming the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of "The Best Luxury Olive Oils in the World."
The Governor among the Best Olive Oils in the world, awarded with SILVER AWARD...
The Dafnis family has rekindled the art of olive oil production on the enchanting island of Corfu.
We acknowledge that our olive oil bears a higher cost compared to the standard offerings found on supermarket shelves.
The Governor's Olive Mill at the Fashion & Travel Blog ... Des Belles Choses!
One of our most captivating interviews... Embark on an authentic Corfu journey and discover its "liquid gold"!
In the world of olive oil, the distinction between a basic product and a premium one lies in the contrast...
The immense delight when people travel from afar to pay a visit is unparalleled. It fuels a determination...
Happy Halloween. My spicy chipotle pumpkin and butternut squash soup is absolutely delicious.
The Governor at Kylee's Kitchen Studio( FOX59 News ) Cooking Show. Greek Gastronomy embodies the food culture..
Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Corfu in this enchanting video brought to you by news website Ynet.
Corfu Olive Tours Featured in The Telegraph. Brothers Spyros and George Dafnis have left an indelible mark...
A Wedding Amidst The Governor's Olive Groves. To Laurence and Luke, we send our warmest wishes
The inaugural Olive Oil Conference held at our premises culminated yesterday with resounding success..
In the splendid setting of "Theatron" in Athens, the 11th Tourism Awards ceremony unfolded...
NBC Channel's intrepid voyager, Josh, immersed himself in our complete episode broadcast last Saturday.
2019 commenced with auspicious signs, heralding an impactful year of significant revelations in olive oil health advantages
Here's to a year that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Happy New Year!
Whether you're an individual with a fervor for learning or an organization bound by respect
We were graced with the esteemed presence of NBC Channel, a broadcasting giant renowned worldwide.
The Governor earned a spotlight in a prominent article dedicated to Corfu within the pages of "Le Monde"
How does one encapsulate the emotions stirred by witnessing travelers into educators themselves?
Unveiling Pioneering Strides: The Inaugural Clinical Study with High Phenolic Olive Oil in Leukemia Patients
After an incredibly successful inaugural year of our Olive Tours , a year that brought us new friendships...
Spyros Dafnis, the visionary co-founder behind Olive Fabrica and The Governor, two globally acclaimed enterprises...
Pioneering Research Reveals Olive Oil's Beneficial Impact on slowing Alzheimer's Disease
On the 16th of December, a captivating episode of " Les Carnets de Julie " on France 3 channel comes alive
Welcoming students from high schools in Greece, Germany, Portugal, and Croatia through the esteemed Erasmus program.
The Governor stands as a testament to the blend of Tradition, Technological Innovation and Scientific Research.
Dr. Dan Flynn, the distinguished Executive Director of UC Davis Olive Center from California
A heartfelt thank you to Eat Cook Explore for acknowledging our journey and vision!
Gastronomos Awards 2016. Δέκα Χρόνια Γαστρονόμος Εννιά Βραβεία Ποιότητας
The use of olive oil for medicine purposes dates back to as early as 4000 BC...

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