Alzheimer’s Disease & The Governor Olive Oil

The Governor stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of Tradition, Technological Innovation, and, most notably, Scientific Research.

The words “Extra Virgin Olive Oil Enhances Donepezil Effect on Reducing Aβ Load and Related Toxicity in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease” resonate with significance. A presentation by Amal Kaddoumi Ph.D, an esteemed Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics from the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, unveiled a groundbreaking connection. This revelation, shared at the OIS Congress in Malaga in May 2017, reverberated across the scientific community.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Since 2014, we’ve proudly been active participants in this pioneering scientific journey, as the world’s first research interlinking Alzheimer’s Disease with oleocanthal and olive oil unfolded. A dedicated endeavor, the research marches on, poised to reveal its findings to the world. Our role is pivotal, shouldering the responsibility of nurturing a potential natural remedy for the future – The Governor Olive Oil. In our pursuit of innovation and well-being, we stride confidently toward a transformative horizon.

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