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Reveal Olive’s Hidden Gems With Corfu Olive Tours

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Corfu’s olive oil tours, where over a decade of experience awaits. Unveil the sacred Olive Tree’s connection with Greece’s rich history as our captivating journeys bring you closer to nature. Let our experienced guides lead you through magnificent olive groves that have nurtured revered Corfiot olive varieties for generations. Witness the unwavering strength and evolving character of the Olive Tree as you uncover the secrets behind the creation of exquisite extra virgin olive oil. Enveloped by the picturesque landscape, indulge your senses in the symphony of rustling leaves and whispered tales of the past. The vibrant green hues of the olive trees paint a captivating canvas, symbolizing their profound influence on health, longevity, and well-being. With each step, explore the remarkable versatility of the olive tree and discover its magical ability to enhance flavors and enrich every culinary creation. Let our olive oil tour be your gateway to the essence of Corfiot olive, guided by our decade-long expertise and passion for sharing this cherished gift with the world.

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Delving into the Illustrious History of the Dafnis Family in Corfu

Engage in a journey through the captivating heritage of the esteemed Dafnis Family, renowned for their olive oil expertise on the picturesque island of Corfu. Indulge yourself in their guided olive tours, where they reveal the artistry behind extra virgin olive oil. Experience the essence of Corfiot olives firsthand, and unravel their secrets and knowledge. Let the Dafnis Family's passion for olive oil production come to life with their captivating olive tours.

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Indulge in the award-winning essence of 'The Governor' Olive Oil, a masterpiece meticulously crafted by the talented youngest generation of the Dafnis family. Discover it’s unrivaled quality and prepare to be captivated by the remarkable flavors and aromas that will ignite your love for Olive Oil. Elevate your culinary creations and savor a truly remarkable gourmet experience.

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As an award-winning brand, we take immense pride in our heritage and the legacy we have built over the years. Our grove is home to the cherished ‘Lianolia’ olive trees, which have been nurtured by three generations of the Dafnis family. With lifelong dedication and inherited expertise, we are committed to producing consistently high-quality olive oil. When you choose Corfu Olive Tours, you are not just embarking on a journey through the olive groves, but also experiencing the wealth of knowledge and the guarantee of excellence that only the Dafnis family can provide.

Experience an extraordinary voyage into the captivating world of olive oil.

Experience an extraordinary voyage into the captivating world of olive oil.

Embark on an unforgettable olive oil experience as The Governor invites you to explore Corfu’s protected countryside and discover its rich olive heritage.

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