A Paradise on Earth

A Paradise on Earth
Paradise on Earth

Olive Oil paradise and Lake Korision

A Paradise on Earth

Living in this place is a bless

The estate we chose today for our harvest is located just 500meters away from lagoon of korission. It is the largest lagoon on Corfu the most important wetland that is an undisturbed natural eco system with rich flora. More than 120 species of birds find shelter here, there are hundreds of species part of native vegetation.

Landscape is complement by a kind of sea cedar that thrives on the Northern shores of Mediterranean , this tree is in such abundance which creates a beadutiful icon forest of lake korission, right between beaches of Halikounas , Issos. Forest starts from the mouth  of lagoon after 3 kilometres dilutes on the beach of Issou.

Fauna of the area in addition of the many birds such as flamingo, cormorants whistles egrets ducks includes thousands of butterflies and many turtles.

Link on the article: https://www.facebook.com/thegovernor.gr/photos/pcb.3344894712214916/3344860745551646/

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